Just two miles north of Downtown Washington, D.C. rests two of the capital’s most beautiful neighborhoods: the historic and modern Columbia Heights neighborhood and the bustling U-Street. Home to statues of various historic figures and the Josephine Butler Parks Center as well as a thriving nightlife and international culinary scene, Columbia Heights blends the past with the present while keeping an eye on the future. The low-traffic U-Street distinguishes itself from the rest of the city and provides a peaceful break from the urban bustle at arm’s length.

Hip, historic, convenient, diverse and walkable – these are the qualities developer Aria Development Group believes make this the most beautiful block and the perfect place to begin its next project reconstruction – The Clifton. Delicately placed between the confluence of the U-Street and 14th Street Corridor, The Clifton is surrounded by Wardman-style townhomes. These are the masterpieces of one of the most prolific residential developers in D.C.’s history – Harry Wardman.

Feel like taking a walk? Neighborhood favorites like Soul Cycle, Trader Joe’s and the Amsterdam Falafelshop are just a few minutes away.

Part of a growing history, Aria Development Group intends to keep the culture of this vibrant area alive. Located on 13th Street, The Clifton is set amongst the season’s colorful foliage and some of the area’s most attractive fare, bars and historical sites. the residential rental offers dwellers a piece of history with modern amenities like the pet spa and a sun-soaked, rooftop chef’s kitchen – where you and your pet can both sit back, relax and take in the views of Downtown.