It’s no secret that pet amenities continue to grow in residential building. Last year, the internet was inundated with articles linking home buying and renting decisions being heavily weighted by how happy a tenant’s furry friend will live – and at The Clifton, we couldn’t agree more.

Featuring a sense of authenticity to the connected neighborhood, The Clifton offers amenities suited for the rest, relaxation and pampering of its tenants’ furry family members with a beautiful pet spa. At the pet spa, you can book a grooming session. The residence will also offer a green outdoor space where you can safely play with your pup.

If you really want to spoil your pet, you can take a short four-minute walk to one of our favorite pet clubs – Doozydog. This upscale pet club comes fully equipped with everything your pup needs, from a play and toy park to a style bar and even a sleep and eat designated area. The club caters to pet owners as well, providing a human lounge where you can focus on work while your pup socializes.